shakedown films

Shakedown Films is a directing, writing and producing team that consists of director, Michael O'Connor and writer, Ninon Schubert. The company is based in Hamburg, Germany, and Dublin, Ireland.


We create films that combine strong original stories with striking visuals, and that appeal to an international audience.

In 2010/11 we completed our award-winning debut feature film: Sleeping Dogs. The film has screened at over 35 international festivals, won eight awards and had a limited theatrical release in Germany and Finland.


A number of other feature film projects are in development - please see the in development section for more information.



ninon schubert



Ninon has been a prolific writer for many years. Raised in Australia, she began writing short stories and poems in English. Later, French and German were added to the mix due to family background and an extensive stay in France where she studied philosophy. A post-graduate degree at the Hamburg University School of Film kicked off her screenwriting career. She has worked as writer and line producer on short film productions, and as a storyliner for TV. Recently her focus has been on developing feature films for Shakedown Films.


Read her short story "Day Three is the Hardest" at the Writing Disorder Literary Journal.



michael o'connor

director/creative producer


Sleeping Dogs, produced by Shakedown Films, is Michael's first feature film. With a background in engineering and architecture, Michael began his filmmaking career by attending a series of acting workshops and taking part in a New York University scripwriting course in Dublin. Having discovered his passion for filmmaking he went on to write and direct numerous short films, Letter (2004), Papa's Angel (2005), Ghost Painting (2006), as well as a trailer for an upcoming project. Since setting up Shakedown Films with Ninon he has concentrated on developing feature film projects.